Extender Strap for Suspension Trainer

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By ELA Design UK

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  • EXTRA LENGTH AND SECURITY: The ELA Design Extender Strap gives you extra length and security when you want to attach your Suspension Trainer to high anchor points or thick vertical anchor points
  • FOR ANCHOR POINTS 9 FEET OR HIGHER: Suggested when your anchor point is 9′ or more off the ground, or when your anchor point has a thick circumference – like a tree or a pole. Simply loop around or attach the Extender to your elevated anchor point.
  • IF UNDER 25 INCHES: The ELA Design Extender Strap is 37″ in length. For greater lengths, join two or more Extenders together. We recommend using one ELA Design Extender Strap for anchor points under 25Ó in circumference and two or more combined Extenders for larger anchor points.


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